祖先たちはモンゴル大陸を渡って日本にやってきた ルーツを探り続けながら音楽を作る

OOIOOのドラマーとして12年活動した後、 広大な森にに移り住み  年月をかけ森の生物の生態と音を録り続けている

様々な国、民族の言語を全てカタカナに置き換え、語感と言霊を 頼りにリリックを綴る そこにドラム、民族楽器、おもちゃのキーボードなどをサンプリングし たビートと住う森の音を織り重ねパフォーマンスしている

After many great years as the drummer of OOIOO, OLAibi finally settled deep in the forest to start her new journey – celebrating and capturing the sounds of the forest.

The music of OLAibi is rooted in being indigenous and elegant at the same time, and it is inspired by ethnic ceremonies and dance.

With the ruminative use of KATAKANA lyrics, which are converted words from all over the world, sampling of her own whimsical drumming, sprinkles of tribal instruments and toy keyboard, along with layering of the sounds of the forest one on top another, OLAibi has created the perfect mishmash music.

The resulting album is “Talismam” which means amulet – an object that will bring magical/ miraculous effects. It is OLAibi’s imagined, unique world. There you dance, you sleep, free yourself and just be.